Panda Research Review - Is this a legit paid survey site?

Are you looking for extra income? Would you be open to making more money? Panda Research is a site that claims to offer that option and so much more.

Panda Research is free to join and easy to use. It is also very flexible and allows the option of working at home or anywhere you’re comfortable with.

The site claims that they offer cash, coupons, and gift cards for completed surveys. In some few cases, they claim to reward participants with the products they are reviewing in the survey.

The money that can be generated from Panda Research review may not be enough to pay the house rent or the kids’ school fees. But it can provide you with that extra money to buy your kids toys, help pay the electric bill, and even cover a weekend spent at the movie theater.

What is Panda Research?

Panda Research is a research company that has been in existence since about 2005. They are also the owners of and

The company hires and offers cash incentives to people to participate in surveys. The amount of money that one earns is dependent on the amount and type of surveys and offers they complete and the quality of their assessment.

To participate in their surveys, you must be an American resident and be older than 18 years.

How to make money with Panda Research?

One can earn money from Panda Research in three basic ways. You can make money by successfully completing paid surveys and paid offers.

When your surveys are completed and approved for a reward, then you would be eligible for payment. You make money also by reading emails. The maximum amount you can get from doing this is $25.

When you refer friends and family to sign up with Panda Research, you earn additional income.

What’s good about Panda Research? 

Panda pays you money for filling paid offers and surveys. The company has paid over $2, 216, 209 over the past years and still counting.

With Panda Research, you can earn a minimum of three cents to about $75, from doing little simple tasks such as reading emails or filling surveys. The company pays cash to you when you reach $100 by check on surveys that pays out.

It is free to join Panda Research, easy to use and very flexible. You can stay anywhere in America and earn cash by doing very easy tasks.

What is not so good about Panda Research?

Despite how great Panda Research is, there are not perfect. There still have a few loopholes. One of which is their poor lack of customer support. They take a long time to answer member’s questions and most times, do not respond at all.

Also, the payment and verification process is a bit stressful. It takes about 90 days to get your payment. You would get paid eventually, but the wait is a bit long. This is not very helpful if you are someone who relies a lot on Panda Research for income. But if you have a lot of patience, this should not be a problem.

Thirdly, most users have complained that their emails have been spammed a lot upon signing up with the company. This is a huge issue for a lot of people. But to avoid this, it is advisable to open up a new email dedicated to only Panda Research and not sign up with your personal email.

Is Panda Research legit or scam? 

Just like other research companies, Panda Research claims that members can earn extra income by completing its surveys. While Panda Research may differ from other research companies in its delay to pay its users, it is just as reliable as them. They still eventually pays users their earnings.

It does not cost money or anything to sign up with the company. Panda pays as much as $75 dollars for some completed surveys. This ranks them amongst one of the most generous companies in the survey market.

While there is no guarantee that you would earn that high for all completed surveys, the good part of it is that you would earn extra income. With Panda Research, you can finally buy those things you considered as excesses or easily pays off your debts.

You don’t lose, but only gain. Read more paid survey site reviews at PaidSurveys.Net or visit Panda Research website.


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