Mintvine Review - A Top Paid Survey site to join?

There are many benefits to earning money by completing paid surveys and rewards. You can take them at any time, so you can make some money whenever you have some spare time.

This extra cash can allow you to better tackle life's financial struggles, from helping pay your bills, to financing a dinner out every now and then, or even that Spotify subscription you keep meaning to try.

What is Mintvine? 

Mintvine is a website that allows you to make some spare cash on the side, by completing surveys for advertisers. These surveys help companies better market their products, but, more importantly, they help you to earn money at your own leisure.

Businesses find consumer information invaluable, as it helps them determine whether a product will be a success, so they are more than willing to pay for this data.

Mintvine conveniently serves you these surveys whenever and wherever you want to earn some cash.

How to Make Money with Mintvine?

Every time you complete a survey, investigate an offer, play a game, watch a video, or take a poll, among other activities, you will be rewarded with a certain number of points.

Every 1000 points is equal to $10 USD, which can be redeemed straight to your Dwolla or PayPal account without any hassle.

What's Good About Mintvine? 

There's a lot of things to like about Mintvine review, most notably:

From the platform's lightning-fast sign-up process, to its easily-accessed activities, Mintvine is an absolute cinch to use. I didn't encounter any struggles when using the platform, and I was able to navigate the website quickly and easily.

Making money on Mintvine is surprisingly addictive! I found myself on the site for far longer than I thought, delving into its numerous distractions and activities, and having a grand ol' time. Let's be honest, you're more than likely spending your spare time on less-than-vital internet distractions anyway, so why not make some money while you do it? That Buzzfeed article can wait!

Earn While You Relax 
With Mintvine, it's more than possible to do some activities as you sit and watch TV, which means that you don't have to sacrifice your recreation to earn money! Wouldn't it be nice if the same were true for your day job!

What's not so good about Mintvine? 

No Mobile App 
For a platform designed to let you earn money anywhere, the lack of a dedicated mobile app is a confusing oversight. Using the mobile website in your phone's browser is fine, but a specific app would allow for far easier use and access.
Earning Money Takes a Long Time 
Unfortunately, Mintvine can't take the place of a full-time job, as lovely as that would be. Earning money on Mintvine is certainly possible, but it takes a significant amount of time to rack up enough points to trade in for cash. However, if you put in, say, half an hour of time every day, you'll start making money before you even realize it.
No Direct Bank Transfers 
Some people would prefer to keep all their monetary transactions operating directly through their bank of choice, which is understandable, but rest assured; PayPal is a completely safe and reliable platform, which will almost always back you up in case of a financial dispute.
Not Exactly Impressive 
Unlike other revenue sources, you won't find yourself adding your experience with Mintvine to a resume any time soon. However, this shouldn't be a real concern to you, and there are always other ways to learn practical skills online.

Is Mintvine legit or a scam? 

Indeed it is! Mintvine has a substantial user base, who all seem to be satisfied with the platform. From my research, no one had had any significant troubles with completing Mintvine's activities, nor with claiming their paycheck when the time came.

If you've got some spare time on your hands, and you want to put it to better use than another marathon of How I Met Your Mother, Mintvine is absolutely a good way to do it.

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