GiftHulk Review - Is the best Paid Survey site?

Working from home to make a little extra cash has become a popular option over the last decade for stay at home mothers. Having flexible hours that you decide and working on only the projects you want gives you the freedom you have been looking for.

Knowing that your opinion is used to change and improve products and services gives you a voice among the public and a sense of contribution to society.

Not only is the work of completing surveys stress free but when you are rewarded in the form of gifts or cash for this work too, it can only be considered a good thing.

What is GiftHulk? 

GiftHulk is an interactive website that offers the chance for every day consumers to benefit from their regular activities. The rewards program was designed to benefit the consumers as they interact with the various brands they are interested in, such as watching a video or surfing the web for a particular item.

Benefits in the form of Hulk Coins are earned by completing market research surveys, and various tasks or offers. The coins can then be redeemed at the Hulk Store for items ranging from gadgets and gift cards to electronics and furniture.

Anyone can use GiftHulk and there can even be several accounts in the same household. There is no cost to sign up and no contract to keep you locked in as a member.

How to Make Money with GiftHulk? 

Searching the web and conducting your regular online activities can now bring you rewards. While you do not receive physical cash, the virtual coins earned can be redeemed into any number of things.

You also earn coins by getting your friends to sign up too. All that is expected of you is to watch marketing videos, complete surveys and tasks such as blog writing and you will get rewarded.

You can even earn by setting your GiftHulk Search as your internet search engine.

What's good about GiftHulk? 

It’s free to join and there is no commitment. Sweepstakes and other special offers are extended to allow for the chance to earn extra “cash”. Your personal information is kept confidential and only your responses to surveys are passed along to the market research companies.

The benefit of this reward site is that you get gifts in return for doing something you would have already been doing anyway. You can earn additional coins by getting your friends and family to sign up.

The choice of prizes is extensive ranging from gift cards to household appliances.

What's not so good about GiftHulk? 

Once signed up you may have to complete tasks that GiftHulk asks of you rather than just watching videos. Their payout of prizes is not always in a timely manner and accumulating the coins can take a while.

Each task and offer rewards the equivalent of pennies, so it takes a while to earn the values of the items.

Complaints have also been received regarding their customer service in that support tickets are not answered quickly if at all.

Is GiftHulk legit or a scam? 

GiftHulk is a legitimate reward site. You can earn “cash” for participation in market research, but it is not the best paying version of these reward sites and it is definitely not the only one.

If you are patient and just looking for a little extra bonus to your daily activities, then this can work for you. It’s definitely not a source of regular income and should only be thought of as a small reward.

The best advice is to try it and see if it's a fit, and if not, you are not locked into a commitment and can move on to another site.

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