FusionCash Review - A good Paid Survey site?

Want to become a member of a free rewards website to earn extra cash? Members earn rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and other small online tasks.

As a new member you get a $5 sign up bonus.

A great incentive for you to get motivated to earn more money on the computer. Making money as a member helps you pay the monthly household utility bills, to have some extra spending money during vacation, or to splurge on a purchase of your own desire.

The money made as a member can be used however you please.

What is FusionCash?

The company is based in California, and have more than three million registrants across the United States and Canada. Since being founded in 2005, FusionCash has paid out over $3 Million to members of their rewards website.

It is a great paid survey website that pays you money to complete small tasks.

It helps you make cash from home so you can help out while the other person in your house travels to their job. It helps when you cannot find a job because of how hard it is to be a stay at home parent.

You’ll love just how easy it is to make money.

How to Make Money with FusionCash?

You can make money by doing paid surveys, referring your friends, playing games, watching videos, and reading emails.

So many ways you can make money just little time to do it all in. Some of the paid surveys may take five minutes others may take an hour you never know till you get on and sign up and try it all out.

What’s good about FusionCash? 

You get five dollars just for signing up with the website. You get money for telling someone how you feel about something. It is fast and easy and you waste no time.

If you are on the site doing things on it then you are more than likely going to be making money. Offers are always on the first page when you sign in so that you can get right to work. You can do small simple things like clicking around just to get paid. The five dollar sign on bonus is the best thing you will see.

Offers go up to sometimes ten dollars if you do just as they say.

What’s not so good about FusionCash?

Most of the offers you are going to sign up for are free trials but you have to remember to cancel them or you will be charged for those as well.

You can sometimes forget about these and then your card gets charged and it is hard to get your money back. Some of the offers you have to wait for them to get credited to your account because you have to keep them for so long.

The Offers may sometimes take forever to credit to your account then you are just playing a waiting game.

Is FusionCash legit or a scam?

No one has complained about not getting there money so it is legit. You can do all these things and win all this money just make sure you are truthful with every answer.

Make sure you always try hard and not just give up within five minutes of starting it.

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